Snowboarding pioneer and photographer Mike Basich built himself an epic Tiny off-grid cabin. Without a bedroom or bathroom per se, but equipped with a hot tub and chairlift, this gorgeous Tiny House is most perfectly situated in the heart of the Sierras. 

Mike Basichs' Epic off-grid cabin in the Sierras
© Mike Basich

Basich began his career as one of the pioneers of snowboarding. Once embroiled in competitions, he lived a very "big" life which he describes as the American dream: a 4,000 sq. ft. home and expensive car, but ultimately it left him feeling unsatisfied. He bailed out of competitive snowboarding and integrated his passion for photography with his love of the sport.

Long before the days of GoPro cameras, Basich would hook up rigs for full-sized cameras so he could film while riding.

Eventually his path led him to shed his possessions in search of something more, and finally, inspired by nature and deciding against falling for the charms of boats for sale in Vancouver BC, Mike Basich decided to build himself an off-grid Tiny House in the woods. Armed with an appreciation for the great outdoors and a desire to learn to live off-grid, he bought 40 acres in the Sierras where he could do just that.

After five years of hard work, Basich had a beautiful and artfully designed tiny home, respecting the principles of the golden ratio and perfectly suited to his lifestyle.

He spent about two and a half years on the stone work alone. All of the water for the mortar was hand-gathered and he hand-mixed the cement that would eventually hold together approximately 175 tons of rock.

Once his cabin was complete, with the help of friends he built the rope tow and then chairlift, essentially making his backyard their personal playground. Mike describes his accomplishment as fulfilling a childhood dream and we can certainly see why.

Journalist Lara Ling interviews Mike as part of the series Going Off Grid.



Who else wants to be best friends with Mike Basich now? And it's not about the cabin or the lift, it's about his most excellent attitude and perspective.

Mike Basich snowboarding outside his tiny but awesome off-grid cabin
Image via Going Off Grid
Off-grid tiny house in the Sierras
Image via Going Off Grid

Off-grid tiny house in the Sierras

In case you're wondering, Basich does have a second home - on wheels. 

Legendary snowboarders Tiny House on wheels.
© Mike Basich