Inspired by the Tiny House Movement, Chris and Malissa Tack designed a 140 Square foot home that sits on a 7’ x 20’ trailer bed. This traditional looking home with gable roof and dormers just happens to be mobile.

Though neither Chris nor Malissa are builders by trade (he's a photographer and she's a 3D artist), the Tiny Tack House took just seven months to finish. Malissa, whose profession helped them greatly during the design process, characterizes the experience as a really good time saying "...we had a blast the whole way through".  

After tirelessly researching each stage of building, the couple finally began to design. In a home this size, strategic use of space and creative storage is paramount.

For example, a living room bench doubles as an extra bed while concealing drawer space underneath. Dormers in the loft allow for clothing storage, head room and extra windows for ventilation. By including such multi-purpose features, the Tack's have successfully built a cozy comfortable home that is not only beautiful, but perfectly serves their needs for space.

Designed to be entirely self-sufficient wherever it goes, the Tiny Tack House is capable of operating completely off-grid.

It's equipped with solar power generation, carries its own water, has a full kitchen and bathroom, but is also capable of plugging into the grid at an RV Park if need be. The Tacks are currently running their home on 100% solar power and loving it.

This is not an entirely common lifestyle, but Chris and Malissa are by no means alone. The Tiny House Movement is a growing housing trend, on wheels or stationary.

There is a certain freedom that comes with limiting your space and stuff, there's a lot less to worry about. And I guess in a way it can channel the inner kid in us as this would unquestionably be the coolest fort you have ever built.

The Tiny Tack House is a tidy and efficient design. You may or may not be interested in joining the Tiny House Movement yourself, but either way, this home will certainly make you think twice about how much space you actually need.

To read more about this visit the Tiny House blog or visit their blog, Tiny Tack House, where if you want to skirt the entire design process, you can purchase their building plans.

The Tiny Tack House
The Tiny Tack House © Christopher Tack

The Tiny Tack House
The Tiny Tack House © Christopher Tack

Solar panels outside the Tiny Tack House
Solar panels outside the Tiny Tack House © Christopher Tack