What is the best approach to insulate the floor in a tiny home, built on a trailer?

Dustin Hartwig
Dustin Hartwig
Updated: Sept. 15, 2020

I am looking for best approach to insulating a deck over trailer.

-frame is 2x6 steel tubing 24" oc (wheel wells under the floor frame)

-ideally i do not want to building an entire floor system on the existing trailer frame 

-Southern Ontario, Canada climate

-Roxul between all the steel frame and build SIP on top of whole assembly?

Anyl help greatly appreciated!!

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Kiai Kim
Kiai Kim 3 years ago
Mike Reynolds 3 years ago
Hi Kiai, thanks for weighing in. But I would not put hempcrete in the floor of a tiny house. It has its place in the green building community, but hempcrete does not have a particularly high R value per inch and is extremely heavy. A tiny house on wheels already has a pretty high carbon footprint per square foot of living space given the fuel costs of pulling a house around and limited room for insulation, adding unnecessary weight would make that even worse.