Can you help trouble shoot my Lunos HRV e2 system in my tiny home?

L Dingwall
Updated: July 30, 2020

The LED light came on indicating a filter change, though my builder told me that was optional. Do I need a new filter or can I wash and reuse the existing one? Any tips for getting to a unit that's 12' high no place to put a ladder to reach it? (It's above my bed, which is built into the floor and bolted to the wall) A couple of days ago one of the units (not sure which) started making a fan-type noise, almost like white noise. It's always been silent till now, so that has me concerned. I'm not confident in my understanding of the system. I'm on my own and I had my house built because I'm unwell and needed to pare down, but my builders are in Canada (I'm in North Carolina) and they're quite busy. Anyway I'd be incredibly grateful for any advice you can offer. Thanks so much!

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L Dingwall 5 years ago

This is hugely helpful. Thanks so much!