What is the optimal setup for mechanical systems for slab on grade?

Dave Nuttall
Updated: Aug. 4, 2020

I'm putting together a design for a medium-sized, super well-insulated slab on grade home. I definitely want a hydronic in floor heat system, along with a heat pump. With the absence of central ductwork, where do I put the ERV? Would it make sense to run a house wide plenum for the ERV alone? And if that's the case, would it be more efficient to hook the heat pump in to the ducting, rather than a wall mounted unit (like the Mitsubishi Mr Slim in your video)?

Thanks very much. Love what you guys do here, I'm a contractor and I must admit I'm feeling pretty guilty about the up to code builds I've done with essentially zero thought to energy efficiency! A lot of clients are on a tight budget and the idea of even spending 20% more on insulation was too abstract a notion, for something you don't actually see. Maybe the new role of a contractor is equal parts educator and builder.... or I'll just point them to your website haha. Thanks again.

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