What is better for a small slab on grade foundation: water (glycol) or electrical radiant heat?

Mark Dixon
Updated: Sept. 23, 2020

On a small footprint foundation (26 x 19 feet) what is better and/or more economical for radiant heat? I am hesitating between water with a micro boiler or electric (wires).

Also, do you think in a chalet this size with a mezzanine (70% of 1st floor) that I will need additional heating in the mezzanine bedrooms and small bathroom?



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Mark Dixon
Mark Dixon 3 years ago
Mike Reynolds 3 years ago

Hey Mark, For Quebec the answer is always pretty easy actually - go electric. And with that I don't mean just the electric wires, I mean no matter how you heat it - wires, hydronic or air, the cleanest and cheapest energy is electric. If the mezzanine is closed in (which I'm getting the impression it is if you are concerned about sound through vents) I'd just stick a baseboard heater up there and be done with it. They are super cheap to buy and there is no difference in operational cost from radiant floors to an electric baseboard radiator. It may or may not go on, but for the cost it's the simplest solution.