Air-Heated Radiant Floor System by Legalett

Air-Heated radiant floor system for concrete slab-on-grade shallow foundations from Legalett

Legalett design & engineer both the foundation and the heated floor system as a whole. The migration of dampness and the effects of frost heave are eliminated through proper design. The Legalett air-heated radiant floor system is a highly efficient way to heat a house, increasing comfort as it reduces energy costs - especially when it's installed on an engineered and highly insulated shallow slab foundation.

Due to the ability of the Legalett System to eliminate frost walls without any chance of foundation movement, both time and money savings are garnered when using the Legalett System. Both regular hot-water furnace water coil heating units and electric heating units are available.

Legalett air-heated floors can be used in all types of buildings from commercial to residential and are ideal for Passive House, Zero Net Energy and LEED construction.

Ecological characteristics

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Limited impact on the natural environment

Product details

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