How long into winter can we run our Heat Pump with our Legalett System

J Bergley

We have a Legalett slab on grade radiant air system powered by a gas boiler and an electric Mitsubishi heat pump system. With gas prices so high in Ontario, we want to run our Mitsubishi heatpump for as long as we can before turning on the Legalett system. The Mitsubishi is easily keeping the air temp in the house between 15C and 18C. Temperatures outside are now well below 0C. Will keeping the air temp at 18C with the heatpump still meet temperature requirement for the Legalett system or does Legalett system have to be turned on and warming the slab as well?

Responses (3)

J Bergley 2 years ago

Thank you Emmanual, that is great news. Our Legalett system's minimum operating temperature is 18C. We anticipate that using the heatpump as long as we can will save us close to one full propane tank a year.

Emmanuel B. Cosgrove 2 years ago

Always happy to help, and even better than setting a reminder is if you have a programmable thermostat, which I'm sure you know is better programmed to run off peak hours :)