How do you install a ground loop for an HRV?

Lee Watt
Updated: July 30, 2020

I have been researching HRV/ERV systems for when we build our house in the next few years. That stated, I have never seen a system in person and do not know exactly how they work.

A question that has come to mind is the position of the ground loop fluid heat exchanger, and if it would be beneficial to have two, one on each side of the HRV. I understand using the ground loop fluid to preheat the air in the winter prior to entering the HRV but would in not be beneficial to have a second ground loop heat exchanger after the HRV in the summer? 

This would allow for the coldest source (ground loop fluid) to effect the greatest change on the air after it has partially been cooled by the HRV. This loop could also be used by a SHWH to heat the air in the winter also bringing a further energy savings. Especially as a house is often empty during the day when the greatest Solar energy gain is available to the SHWH.

Is this theory correct or am I missing something on the way the system works, or is it simply to cost/complexity prohibitive?

Thank you in advance for any knowledge you can impart.


Responses (2)

Matt Steuart 3 years ago

Hi Lee,    Have you had any success with a system like what you have described?   I am also very interested in a similar system and am looking for any information!   Thank you!