How do you install earth tubes for passive heating and cooling?

Nancy Arevalo
Updated: Aug. 24, 2021

I'm hoping you can help me and my excavator come up with a way to have passive and heating added to my new modular home.  The modular is still on the assembly line, so the foundation has not yet been laid.  This seems like the perfect time to install earth tubes or some such system that will allow my home to be more passive.  My new modular will be in Pierce, Colorado.   I've seen information on earth tubes but don't really know enough about them to tell my excavator how to dig the trenches, put in the right size and length of tubes, and where and what kind of fans or filters it needs. Years ago, I was going to build a house in which my architect added gravel pits, on the north and south side of the house, with narrow tubes inserted in each pit that were supposed to pressurize the home and keep it at a constant ground temperature similar to a basement.  I have no idea if this would actually work. I really have no idea what I'm doing but would really like to find an inexpensive simple way to add passive heating and cooling to my home.  Since On this same website, I see that there have been a few projects in Colorado, so I'm hoping you can direct me to someone who can help us do this. I appreciate any information you can provide.

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Thoma Akwa 1 year ago
Mike Reynolds 1 year ago

Hi Thoma.   I looked at your facebook page and I saw what looked like a slab design that had no insulation underneath, which is of course a foolish idea in Canada. And like Emmanuel above, I find myself thinking of the Earthship and its entirely flawed concepts based on pseudo science, so I'm hoping you're not trying to beat that dead horse back to life. 

At a glance is seems a bit like you are pitching some geothermal energy harnessing techique, so if you really have something new to offer then please explain it clearly. There is alot of snake oil out there and it often starts with grand claims and no details, so please give us some details. 

Thoma Akwa 1 year ago

Mike what do you think of my energy consumption bills on my FB page?

Mike Reynolds 1 year ago

I didn't look. I just saw the uninsulated concrete floor and left. Waiting to hear what your new science is.