Can a solar thermal air system be coupled to an HRV for heating incoming fresh air?

Brian Billings
Updated: Aug. 3, 2020

We set in a new 2 pc modular bungalow on our lot in 2009, it is 28' x 42'. It and has an existing Fantech HRV system to provide fresh air and minimize heat loss of the exhausting air to prevent moisture issues causing mold.  The home also had tubing installed in basement concrete floor for future infloor heating (no system on the tubes yet). Existing heat is electric baseboard and a wood stove centrally located in basement. Electric hot water system (NOT a rented utility-owned tank).

I am wondering about possibility and feasability to couple the HVR system to a solar heated air system which would collect heat for the fresh air side of the HVR and on the system's interior air flow after the "heat transfer" box.

I also would like to install a solar water thermal system in to supply heat for the basement in-floor system and also pre-heat the domestic hot water tank to reduce required electricity consumption. I have a lead on where I can acquire a steel rack enclosed - crated heavy plastic storage tank "pallet" design that could be very helpful as a "heat storage battery".  I think I would set it inside a well insulated outdoor containment box. It would have heat transfer coils inside.

We live in Simonds New Brunswick which is near Hartland (relative to solar collection potential).

Am I crazy?  Brian

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