Is there an update on your demo house solar air heater?

dean c
Updated: Oct. 28, 2020

Have you collected enough data since completing the latest demo home with the pre fab house on a Legalett air heated slab foundation to do an analysis of its effectiveness? I'm wondering what the numbers are on using the solar air heated collector to provide supplemental heat for the in floor heating system Legalett is known for. My question is does the extra cost of adding the solar air collector and additional cost for added piping and installation of the adapted Legalett heating system cost effective? Would the added cost of this add on system be more cost effective if same amount of money was put towards PV solar? Wouldn't the collected power from PV be more beneficial if it can cover the equivalent heat units collected by the Air Solar Panel, possibly power the Legalett in floor heating system, and also provide power to heat domestic hot water? 

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S EDGE 2 years ago

It's been over a year; any updates on the solar air panels for the air heated floors?