The Fincube tin house The Fincube off-grid and portable tiny house

The Fincube off-grid tiny house

Ecohome Dec. 14, 2012, 9:12 p.m.
Hillary Hosta

The Fincube tiny house is off-grid, portable and enjoys a 360 degree view of the world

The Fincube is a pre-fab multi-purpose dwelling, it's built to operate off-grid, it's portable, and it's beautiful. It's also made in Italy so would hardly be a "green" choice for a North American dweller, but one can't help but be inspired by it just the same. 


The most obvious and unusual design feature about the Fincube is the exterior wooden slat cladding. This feature turns the Fincube into an architectural landmark while at the same time protecting you from the heat of the summer sun and providing full privacy.

The interior of the Fincube can be customized according to the users wishes and requirements. The modular and double-sided functional wall panels allow for easy versatility in room layout.

When the Fincube is used as a living space, the functional wall panels are situated in the middle of the room, and the four living areas (living room and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom) open up to the outside.

The 360-degree glass fronts, innovative lighting technology and use of natural material create a unique changing ambience throughout the course of a day. The flat roof design allows for a green roof or the installation of solar panels.

Hats off to the designers, this would be a pretty sweet place to call home.

For more information check out the Fincube website.Photos courtesy of Meraner Hannes, Florian Berger, Steffen Jänicke

The Fincube


The Fincube
The Fincube
The Fincube

The Fincube


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