How do you fix radon in a basement?

Ej Weiss
Ej Weiss
Updated: Aug. 24, 2021

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I am looking to get down and ensure no more radon comes in, at our house is can be higher on the higher (bedroom floors) is there a solution I can implement under my floor. While my basement is finished I am not going to overlook any opportunity to make my home a safer place for my babies.

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Emmanuel B. Cosgrove 2 years ago

In that article you pasted above about how to remove radon from basements and crawl spaces it discusses radon mitigation in finished basements towards the bottom of the page, and I think your best bet may be sub-slab depressurization. That is the least intrusive way to prevent radon from entering homes if your basement is already finished.

There is one product that does what I believe you are asking, the Radon Block membrane prevents radon from passing through it but that is intended to be installed under the basement slab.  You  could have success with it by laying it on a bare concrete floor, then sealing all sides and lay flooring on top, but that will be a lot more work and disruption than sub-slab depressurization and likely less effective.