Is sealing basement concrete floor against radon a good idea?

Tim Hanrahan
Updated: Sept. 22, 2020

Now that I have removed everything from my basement, I have this nice pristine unfinished concrete floor and walls.

I have heard of a product called radon block, I believe this is a sealer of some kind.

Just wondering if sealing my floor is worth it and what the general thoughts are regarding sealing bare concrete?

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Tim Hanrahan 3 years ago

Hey Mike, looks like I got the name wrong, the product is called RadonSeal.

Taking radon out of the equation, is there any reason or benefit to sealing the bare concrete?

Mike Reynolds 3 years ago

Hi Tim,  I just spoke to Rob Mahoney of Radonworks in Ottawa, he does mitigation and consulting with Health Canada, he confirmed that the liquid applied barriers are worthless. So, moving on to normal sealants - A bare concrete floor is porous and will stain very easily, it will also continue to add a fine dust to your house through normal wear so if you're planning to use it then I would seal it. . Here is a page on our favourite concrete sealing method - 

How to seal and polish concrete floors - non toxic silicate sealer