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Mary Anne S 5 years ago

My question was- is it best to check for radon AFTER tightening the home, rather than before, if one is going to improve the sealing of air movement for insulating purposes?

Manny Carsgrove
Manny Carsgrove 5 years ago

I don't know about anyone else, but personally for $60 I'd buy a twin pack and I'd test before and after especially if I lived in a potentially higher risk area. I found this retailer who is discounting the kits (and I've no affiliation with this seller).

Studies I've seen suggest that Radon is a bigger problem than we realize - I'd be interested to know where you are and the results? 

Robert J. Pierson
Robert J. Pierson 4 years ago

I agree with RJ about testing before and after just in case you end up doing something during your renovations that you would need to undo to fix the problem. Wierd that Health Canada calls under 200 bq the 'safe' level. I get that you need to pick a point somehwere, and the 'X'amount of anything is a bad thing, but other countries I've heard of have it at 100 bq and others up at about 300 bq. Wait long enough and I bet they'll all lower it.