How do I stop a leak from my attic?

Markus Duess
Updated: Aug. 3, 2020

I'm getting water dripping down the inside walls of two opposite exterior walls.  I checked the attic and found 1) frost of the underside of the roofing plywood 

2) insulation stuffed to the soffit and touching the roofing plywood

3) 6-ish inches of paper covered fiberglass bats

4) no vapour barrier but the topside of the ceiling has a silver face

5) a 3 inch duct ( crushed but no holes) from the bathroom on top of the insulation leading out to soffit ,

6)  some electrical wiring penetrating the ceiling and routed over the insulation

7) several areas of frost that have not leaked water. I had removed snow from the roof a week earlier, and didnt see much ice.. certainly not ridges or buildup. 

The occupants use a humidifier three times a week in one of the bedrooms that are leaking.  The other area, which is a bedroom and closet corner does not experience humidification. 

My thinking is .. not ice damming.  Continue to remove blocking from attic edges, seal house-to-attic penetrations like the bathroom vent, and wiring, insulate the bathroom vent.  

Any thoughts? 

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