How do I best insulate my century home from the inside?

Merner Row Design May 12, 2021Updated: June 29, 2021

I have a century home that I am renovating myself as time and money permits.  I have a strong desire to make this home as comfortable as possible for my time in the home and for future homeowners to come. The exterior walls of the house are: plaster/lathe - 2x4 wood studs (no existing insulation) - wood sheathing - brick veneer (no real airspace to speak of). The interior plaster and lathe is cracked and damaged.  The plan is to remove the existing trim and plaster/lathe to have full access from the interior to the wall cavity.  Then insulate with Rockwool batts + Rockwool rigid board over the studs to provide a thermal barrier + Intello (or other) air/vapour barrier to allow breathing/drying + drywall (taped and painted). What insulation should I use in the wall cavity?  The top runners are Rockwool batts OR dense packed cellulose.  Should I consider HFO spray foam insulation? Thank you!

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Lance White 1 year ago

Some 21 years ago I insulated my 110 year old stucco bungalow with Spray foam from the inside by drilling three 1" holes in each stud space. One just below the top double plates. another about 5 feet nd another about 2 feet off the floor. I am very happy with the fct that there is now a sealed wall that is insulated to about 3.5" X 4.6 R = 16 added to the wall. It will save the lath and plaster walls (which is a hole wack of work to remove). Plus the heavy walls inside the insulation is a thermo mass and sound reduction measure.

Lance White 10 months ago

Add 3/8" drywall to the inside. It will still have a reveal on teh windows and doors. Add a layer of 6 mil poly to the ceilings then 1/2"drywall. You may wish to add some molding at the ceiling edge.