Climatizer Plus Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose fibre insulation Climatizer Plus

CLIMATIZER PLUS™ and WEATHERSHIELD™ cellulose insulation is manufactured from a minimum of 85% locally-sourced post-consumer recycled newsprint. Non-toxic additives are applied to the uniquely fiberized paper generating a building material with superior thermal and acoustic properties, as well as exceptional resistance to fire, moisture, mould and pests.

Certified by UL’s ECOLOGO program, CLIMATIZER PLUS insulation is the environmentally safe and sustainable way to reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial building projects and to efficiently maintain comfortable climate in four season environments.

This product manufactured proudly in Canada and available for regional, national and international shipping. Climatizer Plus is available in 25lb or 30lb packaging. Weathershield™ is available in 25lb bags.


  • High performing insulation product and exceptional acoustic (sound dampening) properties
  • Meets or exceeds Provincial and Federal standards, including Canadian Construction Material Council (CCMC) and Health Canada’s Canada Consumer Public Safety Act
  • Offers high resistance to the spreading and damage caused by fire, improving fire safety in homes and buildings
  • Promotes a healthy living environment for families and inhabitants
  • Highly resistant to moisture related problems like mould and mildew; resistant to pests and other vermin
  • Highly suitable for use in Green Building and Net Zero Carbon projects, contributes to LEED certification, and other environmentally sustainable building practices
  • Promotes a healthy living environment for families and inhabitants
  • Contributes to circular economic principles and solutions for waste management, waste resourcing, product life-cycle preservation

Ecological characteristics

  • Non-polluting
  • Derived from natural materials
  • Contains recycled materials

Product details