How do you fix ice dams and crawl space insulation in historic homes?

Faith K
Updated: March 1, 2021

House built in mid 1890s. Installed gutters with leaf screens which caused ice dams during unprecedented winter storm. How to prevent it in future? Contractor said it wasn't a big deal. Crawl space under house with pipes which froze during same storm. Is it wise to insulate the wood skirting around the house to prevent a repeat situation?

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Ryan Argente 3 years ago

I had to deal with ice damming this winter. The simple answer is you are heating your roof. Most likely you have an air leak from a conditioned space into the attic. In my case the previous owner removed the furnace and the chimney but left the pipe between the heated crawl space and the attic. 

The style of roof and what the area directly under it is used for is the most important factor in determining the cause of you ice damming.