My door lock keeps freezing to the point I can’t open it, any idea why this would happen?

Updated: July 30, 2020

I have a newly built home (3 years) that is extremely well-insulated and airtight house that had a blower door with results near 1 ACH. I am thrilled with it in every way except that on the coldest days and nights my door lock freezes and I can’t get in and out of the house. My contractor says he followed every procedure properly and that there is nothing I can do. Any ideas?

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Lana-Gail Arnold
Lana-Gail Arnold 3 years ago

Weiser makes a product that actually is installed in the door itself and insulates your exterior knob to help prevent the condinstation from building up on the insides, helping to prevent the freezing of the internals.  I have them installed on my house and they helped alot.  I live in a very cold climate.  Mcmunn& Yates and serrubec also timbermart

Derek Wallman
Derek Wallman 1 year ago

Do you know what that product is called? Weiser website doenst show anything so the name of it would be great if you know it.  Thanks. 

Kim 1 year ago

Weiser Frost Insert. THere's one for deadbolts and one for handles.

John Peters
John Peters 2 years ago

WD-40 is a degreaser and organic solvent that is widely used. It's made composed of alcohol-based components that keep moisture out of whatever you use it on. Frozen house door locks can be avoided by using WD40. Once or twice a week, a tiny amount of WD-40 should be sprayed directly on the lock.

Mike Reynolds 2 years ago

Hi John, the recipe for WD-40 is a well kept trade secret and while it may contain some alcohol, it is mostly comprised of synthetic petroleum-derived ingredients and contains Benzene, which is a known carcinogen. It may work well, but organic in the sense we usually use the word, it most certainly is not. 

P. MD. 1 year ago

I have been having the exact same issue for 5yrs now. I've been looking everywhere to find solutions and recommendations to solve the issues. Done everything to prevent it from happening but then again last week it started snowing and temperature is dropping quickly and here we are with the frozen locks and doors. I am thinking of putting storm doors, would that help and prevent the doors and locks from freezing? I had home inspection done aside from air leaks around the doors and changing weather stripping he could not find anything wrong (humidity below 40%). I am thinking of getting the hvac checked to see if it's de-pressurizing the house. Would that be a good idea? 

Colleen Niska
Colleen Niska 1 year ago

I had this exact issue, tried changing the weather stripping around my door, turned my hvac on high, sprayed wd40..... nothing worked.

What acutally solved the problem....  I realized my floor vent is right beside my door so I got a register deflector and that solved the problem!  -30 degree days in canada and my lock and door are no longer freezing like they did!