Do I need exhaust fans for bathrooms if I have an ERV that is connected to them?

Dennis Pierron
Updated: Jan. 10, 2022

I have spray foam in walls and ceiling and an erv that is connected to the bathrooms. Do Ii need exhaust fans in the bathrooms also?

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Gadge Brown 2 years ago

Thinking the same thing with bathroom, elec dryer and kitchen vents. One bathroom has a steam shower, do you see any problems with the extra humidity there? 

Gadge Brown 2 years ago

Just read this for ERV install: 

Connecting appliances to the ERV is not recommended. These include: • Clothes dryer

• Range top • Stovetop fan • Central vacuum system • Bathroom exhaust fans unless they are specifically designed for this purpose

These appliances may cause lint, dust or grease to collect in the ERV, damaging the unit.