How do I condition my crawl space with a dirt floor?

Ryan Reichelt
Updated: Dec. 7, 2020

I have a 3 foot and 4 foot drop level crawl with a part basement attached. 650 square feet. It has sand floor and below grade concrete walls. the access to the crawl is from the part basement. i have take out old r10 batts that were in the floor joists. the crawl is vented with 2 vents. i live on the east coast of Vancouver Island BC. I am have trouble deciding on sparying open cell in the joists and leaving it vented or sealing the crawl with closed cell on the perimeter walls and joist ends. if I spray closed cell i will only have a 12 mil poly vapor barrier in the sand floor. i will then have to heat that crawl and put an fan it exhaust the air to outside. what should I do? and can the closed cell option work with just the poly or is it not worth it.  Thank you !

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