What would be the best construction materials for making a home fire resistant?

Tyler Harris
Updated: March 14, 2022

I am hoping to eventually build on a remote off grid property in Central Idaho and am curious what experts think about the optimal construction material for the job. I would like to purchase an eco-friendly prefabricated home, but in addition to being completely off grid, I am looking for a material that is highly weather and fire resistant. Wildfires are very common in the area, and I was looking at insulated concrete forms as a solution. All the prefabricated options I can find use a fair amount of wood, which I am concerned will put the structure at risk. Also, temperatures vary between -30 F and 100 F, and more than 10 feet of snow is typical.   

Thank you in advance for your help. 

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Tyler Harris 2 years ago

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply. I certainly plan on clearing adjacent timber and shrubs for protection as well.   

Is there any chance you could share the design for the Kenogami house? Alternatively are you aware of any prefabricated options that are highly fire resistant?

Thank you!

Mike Reynolds 2 years ago

Hi Tyler, very happy to help. 

We don't have plans for the Kenogami house but we have a lot of content about the various systems. If you put "Kenogami" in the search bar at the top of the ecohome web page you'll find several other pages about it. 

as for Prefabs, our low carbon footprint S1600 LEED Prefab kit house is mostly metal exterior, and we have others, you can see LEED and Passive House ready prefab kit houses for the US here, and we are hoping to have other models coming on line in the near future, though none are specifically designed for fire resistance and I don't know of any that are, I would suggest you pay attention to the exterior and material composition whether you are going prefab or designing from scratch.