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Roderick Beck
Roderick Beck 7 months ago
Mike Reynolds 7 months ago

Hi Roderick,

I am not sure what you read but I think you have misunderstood something. We do not think sustainable construction is irrelevant, it is quite the opposite. We exist for the purpose of advocating for and providing resources for building sustainably. Perhaps I've misunderstood your comment, but building sustainably is a goal or mindset, and yes, concrete is in many cases a better alternative than wood. Building 'resilient' homes that last longer would be a more sustainable aproach, and in cases where there is risk of water damage you will never hear any of us advocating for the use of wood over concrete. 

Any and all materials have a carbon footprint, so it is a matter of building as sustainably as possible. And if you use low carbon or carbon capture concrete to reduce your carbon footprint, or recyled concrete, then all the better.