What is the perfect wall assembly?

Paul Drouin
Updated: Sept. 17, 2020

I plan to build in the spring of 2021 and the intention is to super insulate my solar passive house. Your video on ''build the perfect wall - top tips'' is very inspiring and I shall use many of the tips. As a slight variation to what is presented in the video, I am thinking of using 6 inches of dense-packed cellulose on the inside instead of Rockwool. What are your thoughts on this variation?

Also, I do want to insulate on the outside as in the video, using Rockwool on the outside. The wall shown in the video has two courses of 4'' roxul comfortboard [...but I assume this is the ''cavityrock'' product line as I cannot find 4'' comfortboard in the offering.] I appreciate that 2 courses were used in order to break the thermal bridging effect but as mentioned in the video the labour cost was higher. What would be some alternatives given the narrator's comment that ''there are other ways to do this''?

Responses (2)

Jeff Eckes 3 months ago

A far less expensive method to mount rigid insulation is with the Ejot fastener, which we use to mount tens of thousands of sf of rigid insulation (Comfortboard80) onto AAC and sheathing.