Compared to pre-fab wall assemblies - how does ICF Construction fare?

Shaun B Nov. 12, 2019Updated: Aug. 26, 2020

I'm evaluating several wall construction methods like ICF blocks, Double stud walls, and pre-built wall assemblies.  What can you tell me about your experience with ICF construction compared to pre-fab wall assemblies? Are there Prefab companies in Ontario/Quebec who recommend siting homes on an ICF basement for example?



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Shaun B
Shaun B 3 years ago

Thanks Mike! Our home is in Uxbridge, ON.  Our objective is to build to net zero/passive house standards (not seeking certification though).  We plan on having solar panels and will be only on electricity, no natural gas or propane.  Our design calls for up to 16" thick walls,  slab on grade, triple glazed windows, and a traditional sloped roof (not flat).  I am actiing as the general contractor and we are living on site in an existing house that will be demolished once the new build is finished.  Regarding budget - we are looking for the best mix of performance, ease of installation, and cost.  We're considering ICF and pre-assembled wall panels.  I like that Buildsmart includes the option to order windows already installed.   That seems like another place where onsite installation could create an opportunity for air leakage.  Thanks again.