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kenji ramos 3 years ago
Timothy Griswold 2 years ago

Do not work with this company or this man. They are dishonest. The “Gigacrete system” will cost you 30%-50% more to build as it is expensive to buy and even more expensive for your contractors to work with. Even more importantly, Andrew is dishonest. He has owed a refund of approximately $4,000 for more than a year. He has repeatedly lied and promised but never repaid and never followed up.

Do not use Gigacrete; there are other products and other systems that provide equal benefits at a lower cost.

Tony Baca
Tony Baca 3 months ago

Why did Andrew owe a refund? What system is better?

Ron Lyles
Ron Lyles 1 year ago

Can you suggest Some alternatives to gigacrete?

Emmanuel B. Cosgrove 1 year ago

Hi Ron 

There are any number of wall assemblies that would be considered alternatives, what features of this system are you most interested in? We aren't big fans of steel frame construction due to the embodied energy of metal as well as durability and energy efficiency concerns in a lot of applications, so for supporting structures of homes we would most often recommend wood.

Gigacrete walls are insulated with EPS, which on the surface gets a bad rap but when you really dig deep, EPS foam can be considered a green building insulation.

Tell us more what you're looking for in a wall system and we can point you in the right direction. Are you building new or renovating? And where are you building?