What is the best wall for a house by the sea in New Brunswick?

Nathalie Lacaille
Updated: Jan. 6, 2021

The house will be subject to strong winds and rain, and a high level of humidity (often 100%). We have now installed a air heating floor (Legallet), the roof is steel, the windows are from Polytech, and the sidding will be yakisugi. The question we have is about the layers of inside and outside insulation (the best products, the order of application/installation, etc.) to get the most efficient and durable air/water/vapor barrier.

We would like to get expert advice, since this is a crucial part of the house and we need to get it right, especially since the weather conditions are extreme here.

Thanks a lot. You can reach us at 514 967-5267

Nathalie and Jean-Pierre

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