With an ICF built frost wall can you install electric wire in floor heat cables and cork flooring?

C Whitby
Updated: Sept. 24, 2020

I live in Nova scotia and doing a new build, I have a 6ft high ICF block constructed frost wall with 4 inches of rigid insulation giving me R20 laid over the vapour barrier, then Ouellet OWC-M series electrical heating cable laid under 4inches of concrete and I will be on time of day rates so the concrete heats up at night. I have R35 in walls and R60 in ceiling

I am looking at using the 4mm cork tiles glued down with the bostik and finitec products you used on the Edelweiss house. Do you see any issues with using it with the electrical heating cables as compared to the method of in floor heat that you used especially as this is ICF construction? Now that the homeowners have lived with it for 5 years would they change anything about the flooring and will the ICF blocks on my build give any advantages compared to Edelweiss?

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tony wolff 3 years ago

Doesn't flooring on top of an ICF slab reduce passive solar heat absorption? Won't that ICF constructed frost wall have frost heave issues because it can't get any heat to it?