DIY cork flooring installation Cork flooring in the Edelweiss House © Ecohome

Cork flooring installation video

Ecohome Oct. 22, 2015, 1 p.m.

Cork as a finished flooring product: renewable, beautiful, comfortable and affordable.

Cork is a renewable resource, harvested from trees without killing them. Although it comes from far away (mostly Portugal), its carbon footprint from transportation is quite reasonable given that it is light-weight and can be made very thin.

The Edelweiss House is a slab-on-grade concrete floor covered with 1/8 thick pre-finished cork tiles from Lusimat, installed with a Zero VOC GreenForce adhesive from Bostik. We thank them both for taking part in this project, helping us reach our target of LEED Platinum while creating a healthy and beautiful interior living space.


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