ThermalWall PH insulated Rigid Foam Wall Panels for Passive House or Zero Net Energy Construction by Legalett

Insulating exterior walls to a higher standard easily can be problematic especially on renovations or retrofits, ThermalWall PH by Legalett is a rigid foam insulation panel system that has a built-in fixing system to make insulating exterior walls easy

The Legalett ThermalWall PH rigid foam panel insulation system is a simple and cost-effective way of boosting the wall insulation performance of practically any building, be that new build or renovation, even to Passive House or Zero Net Energy (ZNE) building standards. 

With a standard R-Value of 28, the ThermalWall PH Panel was specifically designed to raise the insulation levels of a building enclosure to those required for Passive House design or Net Zero Energy design (NZEB & ZNE). Secured to the outside of any structure with virtually no thermal bridging, it can transform a code compliant R-24 wall into an R-52 high performance envelope. This easy to install, well-designed rigid EPS Foam insulation panel is appreciated for simple external wall insulation across Canada & the U.S.

Ecological characteristics

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Limited impact on the natural environment

Product details