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James Berk 1 year ago

I'm a retired builder from the area,  if you're speaking of Townson, Md. in Baltimore County, in which case I'm very familiar with the pending issues.

There are pre-fabs and modulars that can be set or erected for $100,000 or less, but, there's a lot of wiggle room in a $100,000 two bedroom box build, so I would ask, why do you want a pre-fab in the first place?

There are a lot of highly energy-efficient construction methods available that could fill the bill that are not pre-fab, so is there a scheduling issue driving the bus, or has someone pursuaded you that a pre-fab is just the best way to go?

I've built and erected many examples of both, along with traditional stick builts, SIPs, ICFs, berm, log cabins, and even straw bales, and I still contend that panelized and pre-fabs have a poor reputation for a very well deserved reason, but if you're already sold on that concept, I'm not going to waste any more time trying to convince you otherwise, I'll just wish you luck.

If you'd like anymore of my heavily opinionated insights or advice I'm available for free. I retired fairly young, and I'm not trying to sell anyone anything, but it just so happens that I have four adult children who live within and around the Towson zipcode, so I'm up that way pretty frequently and I enjoy sharing what I know.


Mike Reynolds 1 year ago

Hi James, Prefabs from the past certainly were a lower quality build that what was being done on site but things have changed. The quality, performance and cost of homes built in a factory are now at a point where it exceeds what can be done on site for the same price. Have a look at our models in the link above and note the wall systems and performance statistics. They are LEED and Passive House ready, and are delivered and installed usually for less.

Having built homes as well for decades and using many of the same methods you mention, and been involved with delivery and installation of prefabs, I can tell you first hand that prefabs are now in general, better than site built.