Ventilation & HRVs

Heat recovery and maintaining indoor air quality

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Cleaning HRV intakes

How to keep your HRV clean and operating efficiently

Cleaning your heat recovery ventilation equipment will extend the lifespan and prevent imbalances in air pressure.

Aeratron AE2 ceiling fan

Ceiling fans and air circulation- video

To ensure comfort and get the highest efficiency from the systems in the Edelweiss House air must circulate.

DIY air exchanger installation video

DIY Lunos HRV air exchanger installation video

The Lunos Heat Recovery Ventilation system (HRV) is a completely new approach to home ventilation, great for both new home construction and renovations.

Heat Recovery Ventilation - Lunos video

Lunos ductless air exchanger

Lunos wall-insert air exchangers offer alternative to conventional HRV systems

Choosing between an HRV and ERV

Choosing between an HRV and an ERV

A modern airtight home needs mechanical ventilation. Your choices are Heat Recovery Ventilation or Energy Recovery Ventilation. This page will explain the di...

Condensation on windows leads to mold and mildew in homes

Ventilation & air exchangers

Are houses too airtight? No they aren't. Fresh air is essential to prevent mould and mildew in homes, but in a modern energy-efficient home it is provided by...

Crawlspace radon barrier

Removing radon gas from basements and crawlspaces

Removing radon gas from existing basements and crawlspaces can be very effective, here are different options for different situations.

Removing radon gas from well water

High levels of radon gas in the air of your home might be coming from your water and not the floor of your basement.

Non-toxic building materials can improve home air quality

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality

We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, where air is usually 3 to 4 times more polluted than outside air. Building practices and building materials c...

stove hood bathroom fan central vac

Removing dust and moisture from homes

Removing moisture and contaminants directly from sources improves air quality and home durability

Vinyl record album

Keep vinyl out of your home (albums excluded of course)

One of the more common plastics used inside and outside of our homes is so toxic it is banned in many countries in Europe.


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