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Finding designers and builders that share your vision


Home construction

Hiring professionals or doing it yourself

Choosing a building team in design and construction: weigh the options between a DIY home build, hiring a general contractor, purchasing a Pre-fab kit.

How to stay on budget when building a home

Advice from a green building project manager: how to develop a construction budget and stick to it.

A sustainably built, ultra modern and affordable tiny house

NOMAD Micro Home launches crowd funding campaign, takes green building world by storm.

Not only are these sustainably manufactured tiny pre-fab homes affordable, they're ready to go off grid and look good doing it.

Habitat workers raise a wall at the the Red River Ex June 2011

The Canada Green Building Council announces affordable green housing program

Canada's premier sustainable building organization offers free green building registration and certification to charitable building projects.

Problem areas of air leakage in a home and blower door test being cond

Balancing air pressure in a house: "Your house sucks." "Oh yeah? your house blows!"

Odds are that at any given time the air pressure in your house is out of balance and either drawing air in or forcing it out. Learn the causes, the effects a...

Artistic rendition of one of the pre-fab net zero homes, Alberta

Net Zero Community in Calgary, Alberta

Alberta’s first Net Zero community will comprise include 27 pre-fabricated homes.

Timber frame construction

Wood frame construction

Undeniably the most ecological framing material, wood is both a renewable resource and one that serves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when used in place ...

Choosing a building lot

What to look for when buying a building lot

Finding a suitable building lot requires a lot of consideration and research; here are some things to look for.

BioSIPS Pre-fabricated straw bale panels

Modern staw bale construction: high performance, durable and affordable

Straw bale SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) have all the benefits of traditional straw bale homes, but address all the risks.

The Fincube tin house

The Fincube off-grid tiny house

The Fincube tiny house is off-grid, portable and enjoys a 360 degree view of the world

LEED Platinum prefabricated home

LEED® Platinum prefab home has superior air quality and performance

Roman Szumski is a physician and pathologist and was deeply involved in the process of designing and constructing a healthy home for his family.

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