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Natural Gas vs Propane

Natural gas vs propane, what is the difference and which is less harmful?

While electric powered homes, using high efficiency heat pumps and heat pump water heaters are the preferred option for green homes, if your home is too far from the natural gas supply or it's mobile home or tiny house, propane may be the only option. While Ecohome is a firm advocate of decarbonizing homes by the…

Gas Cooktops and Stoves causing Asthma and Cancer in Households

Still cooking with gas? How to reduce the risk of asthma and cancer.

Even when turned off, gas stoves & cooktops can be dangerous - leaking harmful chemicals like nitrogen dioxide, methane & cancer-causing benzine into homes. Over 40 million US & Canadian households can mitigate or eliminate the risks from cooking with gas. Gas stoves - playing with fire? Fossil gas stoves and gas…

Natural Gas is being phased out - why & when?

Why Natural Gas is Being Phased Out of New Home Construction (and When?)

Natural gas for heating & cooking in homes is so convenient & relatively affordable - so why have governments & local cities across North America & Europe taken the radical decision to phase it out, & when is natural gas going to be banned. So why is natural gas being phased out?   Natural gas is being phased out of…

Smart Door Lock Buying Guide - Easy DIY Project

Smart door lock buying guide

Smart door locks offer convenience & security, especially when teamed with an optional camera & smart doorbell with siren. Like screening calls on your mobile, unwanted visitors can be filtered out - or open the door remotely. What is a smart lock for a home? Smart door locks are deadbolt front door locks that can…

Wood Combustion - How it works and the different stages

Wood Combustion – How Firewood Burns & How to get the best heat while being eco-friendly

Wood Combustion – How Firewood Burns, the stages and processes, & how to get the best heat for your $ while being eco-friendly. Understanding how firewood burns, the technical details Stage 1: The Evaporation of Moisture – otherwise known as “getting the d@mn thing going” If you’ve ever tried to burn wet or…

High efficiency wood burning fireplaces and how to choose the best

Choosing the best wood-burning fireplace inserts or stoves for heat output & the environment

Making sense of the best wood burning fireplace inserts and wood stove specifications and knowing how to choose the best one for you if you're looking to burn wood for minimum environmental impact & maximum heat output is easy with our guide. Wood Burning Inserts & Stoves - which are best & which burn…

Wood pellet stoves that don't need electric ideal for off grid operation

These wood pellet stoves for off-grid heating don't need electric to operate

Short of a wood stove, pretty much all heating systems require power to operate. So in the event of an apocalypse (zombie, climate, asteroid, etc) these two pellet stoves can keep you warm when the power goes out. These Wood Pellet Stoves need no electric! Burning wood to heat a home does not make you an…

Natural gas fireplaces, furnaces, boilers and gas water heaters - Green or Not?

Heating with natural gas furnaces, boilers and fireplaces

During the combustion process, natural gas is the most efficient and least harmful of fossil fuels. How affordable or ecologically responsible it will be in the future depends largely on supply, sourcing and the supply network. The cleaner burning process (than diesel fuel) and price has made heating and cooking…

Choosing the right firewood for maximum heat

Burning the right firewood for maximum heat output and minimum environmental impact

Dense hardwoods like maple, oak, birch and cherry are some of the better woods for heating & burn hottest. Different species of wood are available in different areas, so the best firewood will vary by location, see below. First Rule for Choosing the Hottest Firewood? Before we get into which wood is best for…

High efficiency wood stoves

Heating with wood and biomass fuel

Improvements in stove technology have made wood and biomass fuel a more popular and efficient heat source. There has been an increase in the use of wood and other biomass fuel for heating homes across the colder parts of North America & Canada for the last decade. In Eastern Canada and the USA in particular this…


California Bans Gas Furnaces and Boilers from Homes

California bans natural gas heating in homes

We previously reported that the UK and Europe was phasing out the use of 'natural' fossil gas in homes, and that Canada is also dropping hints about banning gas. Now California has decided to go ahead and ban gas furnaces, and gas water heaters in homes. “While this strategy will clean the air for all Californians…

Disadvantages of OIL HEATING Systems being BANNED

Oil Heating Ban in New Homes in Canada, is Gas Next?

From December 2021, Quebec banned oil heating in new homes, and as of 2023 it will even be prohibited to replace or repair oil furnaces. Looked at in detail the new provincial regulations potentially also go for gas heating. Adopted on November 17, 2021 in Quebec, the regulations for banning oil-fired heating…