Durable bathroom surfaces and design

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EcoVéa,the intelligent shower

Low-flow shower heads are worth the money

A more efficient shower head can pay for itself in 6 months of savings on your hydro bill.

Water efficient Boulevard FloWise toilet from American Standard

Efficient toilets for LEED homes

The three considerations of a toilet are water efficiency, performance and aesthetics.

Grey water and heat recovery shower

EcoVéa: recycled and cleaned shower water

This Quebec made closed-loop water and heat recovery system makes showering ultra efficient.

Water efficient bathroom fixtures

Plumbing & water

Water efficient toilets, compact plumbing design, low-flow fixtures, grey water recovery and rainwater harvesting. There are lots of ways to save water in a ...

Caulking around windows is a cheap way to save a lot of money and ener

Green home improvements: a pyramid scheme that actually works!

There are a number of ways you can up the efficiency of your home without spending much money. Here are our top 8 home improvement tips with the greatest ret...

Heat pump water heater

How heat pump water heaters work and why you should get one

Heat pump water heaters can help cut your hot water energy consumption by close to one third, particularly when partnered with an air source heat pump.

Reduce water consumption with residential grey water recycling systems

Grey water recycling

Recycling grey water is becoming more and more commonplace. It reduces the burden on urban sewage treatment along with protecting a quickly dwindling natural...

Exterior compresssor heat pump water heater

Heat pump water heater with exterior compressor

The SANC02 is the first heat pump water heater available in Canada to use outside air for heating water. Great technology, if a little pricey.

Crawlspace radon barrier

Removing radon gas from basements and crawlspaces

Removing radon gas from existing basements and crawlspaces can be very effective, here are different options for different situations.

Water efficiency

All about hot water delivery

Heating water accounts for one fifth of our energy consumption and there’s a lot we can do to improve that.

Gas powered tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters

Choosing a water heater - tank or tankless?

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