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Manufacturer of clean-burning wood burning fireplace inserts to the highest NSPS EPA standards

Nothing can replace the warm embrace of an optimized fire burning in a real wood fireplace insert. A wood fire gives off a special kind of warmth that penetrates and soothes, and while it’s true that burning wood in your fireplace isn’t as convenient as burning gas, like all of life’s best things that little extra effort makes a world of difference. 

Just like Sunday dinner doesn’t come out of a can and the finest wine doesn’t come out of a box, a real fire doesn’t come out of a pipeline. If it’s a real fire…it’s wood. And if it’s a clean burning efficient wood fire with an EPA certification… it’s probably an exceptional RSF wood burning fireplace insert.

So come in, relax, kick off your shoes and leave your frantic life at the door. Experience the calming beauty of RSF fireplaces and a real wood fire.