Have you excavated under one of your slabs middle of winter?

Mike Kolder
Updated: Feb. 3, 2021

I bet you will find frost under your FPSF in northern Minnesota end of February if you did..

 I think your slabs manage frost in hard freeze areas, not prevents it which is ok unless you have unequal heave.

I want to eliminate ALL concrete, by replacing soil with washed gravel 4' deep under my permacolumn Pole barn house walls. Rubble foundation.   I would use FPSF insulation methods with rockwool, but build wooden floors over drained gravel, rockwool, and vapor barrier.  But I'm reluctant, because I think the chance of heave is still high and I won't have a rebar slab to ride it out up here in Iowa.  The site sits on top of a hill with great drainage, is why I'm considering this method.


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