Best HVAC Strategy in climate zone 4 for a ranch on slab?

Shane Staats

Hi!  I’m excited to create a low energy use home and was very interested in the Legatee air heated radiant system from what I’ve seen online but thinking it may not be ideal based on our more moderate climate zone.  Would appreciate any feedback.

Asheville NC US Climate zone 4a Cooling degree days with base temp of 65F = 1103 Heating degree days with base temp of 65F = 3958 4000 SQFT Ranch Home

Requirements Cannot have any outdoor HVAC equipment due to sound level of the community 65F in bedrooms at night for sleeping comfort 72F during the day in main rooms and/or bedrooms Zoned system for comfort and energy saving Wanting to make sure house does not overheat due to sun, shading, seasons etc. Wanting to use smart thermostat such as Ecobee.

OPTION 1 - This seems pretty standard and solid. Slab concrete with insulation on top of slab Ducted geothermal ground loop HVAC (zoned) Zehnder ERV/HRV

OPTION 2 - This seems like it can be super comfy but may have issues due to overheating, not able to cool bedrooms well at night etc. Slab concrete with insulation outside of slab Legalett air heated radiant in slab (zoned) (bedrooms might get too warm at night?) ERV/HRV heat pump with AC cooling (zoned) (not sure if the AC would be strong enough?)

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