What is the best heating system to upgrade a 100 year old building?

Rachel Codd Oct. 25, 2021Updated: Oct. 25, 2021

hi there, We are a group of students on an MA Interior Architecture course and this semester we are redesigning the interior of a Scout Hall. Its in the south of Scotland and is approx 100 years old. One this we are getting told ALOT from the users of the building is that it gets very cold! The building has no gas, electrics only and is currently heated with what I think you could call 2 massive industrial hot air blowers, alongside a small number of electric wall heaters. The whole system is known to be inadequate and we would like to be able to suggest something better as part of our design. Is there any advice you could give us, please? We want our proposal to be sustainable which is how I ending up finding your website. 

Thanks for your time! Best wishes Rachel   

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Rachel Codd 1 year ago

Hi Mike, thank you very much for your reply- it's much appreciated. We have our first presentation on Friday and it will be great to have some advice for them. Really interesting what you say about the problems with adding insulation internally.   

The building is a Scout Hall, and it is made of stone. It's been altered over the years resulting in the rooms on floor one having no natural light. There are two games halls on the ground floor, a lounge, kitchen and games room in the middle and then more traditional rooms with original fireplaces and gable windows. The upper floors are heating only with electric heaters. the ground floor has these big blowers.

there are also offices, store cupboards, toilets, showers and a garden. It's quite a challlenging building! It is only used once or twice a week but part of the reason for our proposals is to make it a more inviting proposal for other groups in the community to use. Consequently at the moment though,it is only heated when needed.  On another matter, we are going to advise that lights are switched to led, and that sensors are added in "spooky" hallways. Currently there are florescent lights everywhere.

I'll definitely keep you up to date with what happens on it! By the way did you see in the news about printing of solar panel tape?incredible!  

best wishes and thanks again, I'm off to look at the links you sent here! rachel 

Mike Reynolds 1 year ago

Happy to help Rachel, I'm not surprised the issue of freezing with old stone buildings isn't common knowledge there, it's good for you to know in general but its not a big issue in more forgiving climates that don't experience a bone chilling deep freeze. As you read through those links feel free to check back for any clarification. Good luck with the project!