What is the best septic system if we plan on using the hydraloop

Genevieve Brunet Sept. 9, 2020Updated: Sept. 18, 2020

We have purchased a 14 acres parcel of land. We want to build an eco, self sufficient 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, kitchen sink, dishwasher,laundry sink and washing machine cottage and possibly, with the approval of the township, several other 3 bedroom cottages. 

We plan on installing Hydraloops in all the cottages. We would like to see if we can install a septic system that could accommodate all the cottages in one or two steps. Is this even possible? How big do we need then? Does the Hydraloop reduce the size of the septic systems since most of gray water will be redirected away from the septic system? We are looking at the 3 valve option (toilet flushing, laundry machine and topping up pool). The website and documentation claims to reduce water output by 85%.

Thank you for whatever infor you can provided.

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Genevieve Brunet
Genevieve Brunet 2 years ago

You are correct! We are planning a well. I've spoken with a few well diggers in the area and they anticipate that at 120' we could have around 25GPM. 

Our goal is to build a main cottage for ourselves and have a few smaller cottages nearby for our parents to grow old there. Eventually, they would have small bachelor apartments off the main cottage with a live-in care provider and we would have a smaller cottage along with our kids who will be adults by then.

The conservation authority is asking everyone to be mindful of their water use and restrict their water use (ie, don't water the grass). With the Hydraloop, we will get the three attachments for toilets, garden and pool. This way, we will maximise the amount of water recycled, minimise the water comsuption and reduce the inpact of our septic bed, hopefully, we can have just one bed for all the cottages to reduce costs as well.

I'll be contacting a septic engineer. Thanks for the advice.