What’s the best insulation system for a brick/masonry basement foundation wall?

Ryan Essex

I have brick/masonry basement foundation walls. I read in one of the responses regarding a stone and mortar wall that installing rigid foam insulation may impact the mortar because it could get colder than it had previously and cause damage. Home is 100 years old and was finished previously but no insulation, just studs against the brick and drywall. We have installed a drain tile and dimple board along the uphill wall of the basement where we'd have intermittent water issues. Thought about drylok but don't want to trap the moisture in walls. Then thought about dimple board the full height to allow some drying space for the brick wall, but worried I would create an air draft or a condensation point where the water could run down the inside of the dimple board. So basically wanting to insulate while preventing future mold/musty smell issues while not creating an issue where I degrade the brick or make things worse. Thanks!

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Ryan Essex 2 years ago