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Start on the right path to high performance home construction with this special offer: Both Eco-Home construction, Best Practices + Passive Solar Homes: Hyper-performance domestic construction! An exciting opportunity to develop your skills.

These training courses are given in webinar format, live, at the scheduled date and time or deferred, so they can be attended from anywhere. Easy to follow instructions for how to log-in will be sent to you by e-mail before the training session takes place.

Choose this pair of special-offer courses to enter into the foundations of high performance residential construction and learn the essential elements to be able to seize the opportunities in a constantly changing market. Get ready to excel with 14hrs of detailed training! 


  • Master the principles and techniques needed for designing and building sustainable residential buildings
  • Understand the environmental and energy considerations for hyper-performance buildings: from the composition of walls to techniques for achieving passive standard homes
  • Learn the best practices and techniques for resilient design and optimising the lifespan of buildings

Who should attend:

This pack of training courses is aimed at residential construction professionals such as architects, home designers, residential specifiers, engineers and general contractors who want to gear their day-to-day professional practice towards greater sustainability, efficiency and quality in the construction of high-performance homes in North America.

Lesson Plan

1) Training course - Best practices for construction professionals :
April 11, 2024, from 10am to 6pm Eastern Time - Toronto (live or recorded)

  • Foundation choices: basement, crawl space and slab on grade
  • Proper basement construction: insulation, moisture management and mold prevention
  • How to build a slab on grade
  • Effective Air sealing techniques for building envelopes
  • Making openings watertight: flashings, drip edges, membranes and sealants
  • How to install windows properly
  • Effective detailing of exterior siding and rain screens - material selection, weather barriers, and how to ensure drainage so walls can dry
  • Technical details for watertight roofs: flat roofs, pitched roofs, flashings and roof/wall junction
  • Surface drainage: bulk water management techniques for protecting foundations 
  • Exterior landscaping 

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2) Training course - Passive Solar Homes:  hyper-performance in domestic construction: 
May 2, 2024, from 10am to 6pm Eastern Time - Toronto (live or recorded)


  • Best practices for foundation insulation
  • Internal and external insulation techniques and their advantages and disadvantages
  • How to achieve Passive House certification for foundations


  • Construction details: taking a closer look at the best types of wall construction - Cellulose walls, double-frame walls, insulated formwork
  • On-site installation and effective air sealing


  • When and at what level should a roof be ventilated?
  • Under what particular conditions is an unventilated roof required? 


  • How to install windows to eliminate leaks and water and air infiltration.

Passive heating and cooling

  • Building orientation and location 
  • How to capture, store and redistribute heat 
  • How to choose the best windows
  • Shading and preventing overheating in summer
  • Modelling and design tools

Types of structure and insulating material

  • R.E.M.O.T.E Wall (Residential Exterior Membrane Outside insulation TEchnique)
  • Insulation and its physical properties
  • Membranes, air and vapor barriers
  • Infiltrometry and thermography

Case studies of real projects

  • Successful projects, and mistakes to avoid

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When you subscribe to the special offer, you are registered for these 2 training courses. If you are unavailable for one of the dates you can watch it later, or keep your training credit until the next date. You have one year to complete your three training courses. These courses are given on a recurring basis, mainly in autumn and winter.


Emmanuel B. Cosgrove

Emmanuel B. Cosgrove

Co-founder and General Director

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