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In your Edelweiss house you use 2x6 studs. Why not use 2x4 studs and add 2" rigid on the inside?

...Edelweiss house are fully filled with 2x6s, and would have been much thicker if the structure were made out of 2x4s. Designs with higher levels of glazings are ...

Posted by Tom Wagar Aug. 25, 2019, 3:40 p.m. Wall assemblies - new construction 1 Responses

Can I see details about the heating and domestic hot water systems of the Edelweiss house?

...Edelweiss house where it indicated "a hydronic radiant floor and an air source heat pump". Can you post more details on which systems were used? For example, is...

Posted by August Wehrmann March 10, 2019, 9:26 a.m. Heat pumps, geothermal and AC 3 Responses

Looking to build a small home as eco as possible, where do we start?

...Edelweiss House. Here are a few pages I would recommend as a starting place. What to look for in a home building lot How to build a passive solar home H...

Posted by Jennifer Bisson July 12, 2019, 12:12 p.m. Planning and Design 2 Responses

Can you install electric wire in floor heat cables and cork flooring?

...Edelweiss house. Do you see any issues with using it with the electrical heating cables as compared to the method of in floor heat that you used? Now that the h...

Posted by C Whitby Aug. 7, 2020, 6:43 p.m. Flooring and stairs 2 Responses

Is there thermal bridging in the Edelweiss REMOTE wall?

In the Edelweiss home, it is said that two layers of strapping prevent thermal bridging. Albeit, the screws from the second layer of strapping do not go direct...

Posted by David Pantalone Feb. 9, 2020, 4:42 p.m. Wall assemblies - new construction 1 Responses

What options are there for pre fab Passive House kit designs?

...House ready prefab kit house s, these are available in your area. The LEED Platinum Kenogami house is an exceptional build and was our first demo house, but t...

Posted by Kim MacKay Dec. 27, 2019, 3:12 p.m. Planning and Design 1 Responses

Can you do an update on Ecohome’s new demo house?

...house, did Legalett also build the Solar Air Panels to ensure a continuation of its closed loop system? In the last article about this latest demo house, it w...

Posted by dean c Oct. 16, 2019, 2:04 a.m. Concept and design 1 Responses

Do you have an updated recommendation for attaching exterior mineral wool insulation?

...Edelweiss House worked well, but was pretty labour intensive. There are a few options for attaching rigid insulation to the exterior of houses, one would be usi...

Posted by Fred D Aug. 31, 2020, 1:07 p.m. Wall assemblies - new construction 1 Responses

Are there any updates on the progress of the second demonstration house?

...house is now standing, it is the first house built of our new prefab modular kit houses available across Canada and the US . you can see a full break down of th...

Posted by dean c April 30, 2019, 7:58 p.m. Solar thermal collectors 2 Responses

Why do you say building on a slab is more ecological than starting with a basement?

...Edelweiss House that we built a few years ago, it is a 4 bedroom home (or three and storage room).

Posted by Geri P Dec. 11, 2017, 11:45 a.m. Foundations and Basements 1 Responses

How much does it cost to build a house by square foot?

...house but on the lower end of the cost scale, check out our Edelweiss House for inspiration. It is a 1,450 square foot LEED Platinum house we built in 2015 for ...

Posted by Mike D Sept. 5, 2017, 4:12 p.m. Concept and design 1 Responses

What is the perfect wall assembly?

...house, the S1600 LEED Platinum Prefab kit house . As for how to mount exterior rigid insulation, there are ways that employ more expensive materials, but save...

Posted by Paul Drouin Sept. 17, 2020, 6:29 a.m. Wall assemblies - new construction 1 Responses

Where to find Aeratron ceiling fans?

...Edelweiss Demo House in 2015 but we have not been in contact with the company since. Have you contacted anyone at the company?

Posted by marlene schaly Feb. 21, 2021, 10:08 a.m. Ventilation 1 Responses

What is the right amount of insulation for a house?

...house while the super insulated house cost more per month due to the added up front building cost. I'd like to aim for the better built house with instant payba...

Posted by Ryan Gerbrandt Feb. 11, 2019, 9:57 a.m. Passive solar home design 4 Responses

Do you have building partners in BC?

...Edelweiss House. We could follow the plans to build as the general contractor. Thanks again for your time. Jami We don't have in-house architects unfortunatel...

Posted by Jami Cruz April 13, 2020, 12:05 p.m. Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing 3 Responses

What is the best type of home heating system?

...Edelweiss house heating and electrical systems here . If it were me, I would only do radiant heating on floors I occupy as living space, and only on floors th...

Posted by Jennifer Doll Jan. 20, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Heating and cooling 3 Responses

Can you use a vapour retarder paint on the ceiling instead of using a poly vapour barrier?

...Edelweiss House rather than a standard 6 mil polyethylene vapour barrier partly because we already had an Air Barrier in place as you mentioned. For the ceiling...

Posted by Anwas Qwelten June 8, 2019, 3:56 p.m. Air and vapour barriers 2 Responses

What are your thoughts on using large flax straw bales (4x4) to build in Saskatchewan?

...Edelweiss House in terms of performance per cost? My question is based on the exterior of the traditional timber frame being insulated with strawbale.

Posted by Al Birchard Nov. 11, 2019, 12:56 p.m. Wall assemblies - new construction 3 Responses