How to you build a raft slab foundation?

Kate Bottriell

I'm at the beginning of a self-build small home project in Cantley, QC using a kit where we have purchased signed drawings and a basic shell. We've done initial tree / bush clearing and would like to move to the next step of excavation (topsoil removal and grading) for a planned slab-on-grade foundation. I've read on this site that we should hire an engineer, and I'm looking for advice on what kind of engineer (Soil? Foundation? Structural?) and what their scope of work should be. I need advice on how to cut / fill our slightly sloped lot and whether we need a retaining wall, and how this relates to our choice of foundation. I've been looking at the Legalett kits but I don't think they provide advice on grading. Any advice would be appreciated - and also where to find a good engineer - there seem to be a lot of cowboy contractors out there! 

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