GEO-Passive Super-Insulated Prefab Foundation Forms by Legalett

Building a slab on grade foundation for a Passive House or Zero Net Energy home needs reinforced insulation & careful engineering – an easy solution with GEO-Passive prefab foam slab forms

GEO-Passive prefabricated foam slab on grade forms offer everything required for your passive house or net-zero energy building project when building high efficiency super-insulated foundations. GEO-Passive Slabs are ideal for high performance Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations, Slab on Grade Foundations for expansive clay or variable load soils such as aged landfill sites. Legalett’s GEO-Passive Shallow Slab-on-Grade Foundation System, designed for Passive House (or Passivehaus), Net-Zero Energy Buildings, or LEED certified construction. GEO-Passive is the only custom thickness pre-engineered & pre-fabricated foam Passive House slab insulation & form system in North America.

The slab can also be fitted with an air-heated floor option to provide maximum comfort and reduced energy costs and is ideal for homes with solar PV when using the electrically heated option which can be built-in.
The continuous edge form eliminates thermal bridging and provides maximum airtightness for your building envelope between the foundation and wall. There are no discontinuities between the foundation and wall insulation which:

  • Increases thermal comfort
  • Reduces energy loss and
  • Increases overall building occupant health

Insulation thickness is tailored and engineered to your requirements for your Passive House, Zero Net Energy or Positive Energy build.

GEO-Passive is certified by the Passive House Institute for cold and cool climates.

Ecological characteristics

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Limited impact on the natural environment

Product details

Foundations (insulated structural slabs)