The Permaculture Design Certificate course is an internationally-recognized, seventy-two hour course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate. It provides an introduction to permaculture design as set forth by movement founder Bill Mollison. The course is taught by Graham Calder.The PDC serves as foundation for further permaculture work and study and is a prerequisite for the Diploma in Permaculture Design, offered through The Permaculture Institute. To date, thousands of permaculture designers worldwide have been certified through this course, and now comprise a global network of educators, ecological activists who influence major corporations, individuals creating new business alternatives and groups of committed people working together to change the way we view and design our landscapes. This course covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It includes the application of permaculture principles to food production, home design, construction, energy conservation and generation, and explores alternative economic structures and legal strategies.

Specific topics include:
• Theory and principles of permaculture
• Eco-friendly house placement and design
• Energy conservation techniques for cold climates
• Recycling and waste management
* Organic and Bio-intensive food production
• Water harvesting and management
* Ecological pest control
* Drought-proofing
* Soil rehabilitation and erosion control
• Livestock
* Aquaculture & Aquaponics
• Catastrophe preparation and prevention
* Windbreaks and fire control

$1200 Accommodations & food included.

$300 registration fee (deducted from tuition)