In this advanced series we will be honing your skills as a designer in order to jumpstart your career in Permaculture.  The techniques in this series are the foundation of small or large scale Permaculture Design. 

The course facilitated by Graham Calder Focuses on the hands on practice based learning and will touch on advanced topics and techniques in Permaculture.


Day 1 - Advanced Techniques in Design (PDC required)

Day 2 - Advanced Land Survey Technique (PDC required)

Day 3 - Food Forest Design and Planting (Public)

Day 4 - Mushroom Cultivation (Public)

Day 5 - Advanced Garden Design Techniques (Public)

During This intensive week we will be surveying a site, with advanced tools and techniques not used in the PDC, we will be designing and  Food Forest patch, Building self watering , self fertile, gardens, with integrated pest control and mushroom producing pathways. We will look at some of the basic steps to food security and develop our use of them as key design elements for our homes, friends, community and clients.

$500 or $120/day Accommodations & food included.