Get stuck in—literally—as you use your feet to mix cob from water, sand, and clay, make and use earth plaster, and watch the amazingly-thick cob walls rise before your eyes each day.  All manner of specialty techniques will be taught from natural finishes, composting toilet design, living roof design/install .

At OUR Ecovillage in Shawnigan Lake, natural building techniques ranging from timber framing to earthship, cob, rammed earth, natural plaster, and more are taught in 2–6 week internships that allow students to build much of a structure.

For those with a casual interest or without the time required to co-create an entire building, OUR Ecovillage is offering an exciting slate of short courses this summer:

  • Earthbuilding 101 (June 11–13 OR June 16–18, $340 includes meals and camping) OR June 24–27;  June 30–July 2nd (Living Roof as one of the projects).
  • $90/day   (includes meals and 1 night camping) OR
  • $340/3 day (includes meals and 2 nights camping)

For more information or to register check out the OUR Ecovillage website.